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Custom Made Rings

When you’re looking for something original we can create a jewellery design for you that will be really special and suit your style as well as your lifestyle.

  • Make an appointment with our CAD jewellery designers. We’ll ask you a few lead questions about the purpose e.g. Is it for an engagement ring, a dress ring? Maybe a bracelet or otherwise. You may already know you want a round diamond solitaire ring. We can show you styles and options. Your feedback is important so we can eliminate the dislikes and bring out the likes.
  • Once we have narrowed down the options and found the style you desire we can show you a computer rendered image of design possibilities including diamond size if required.
  • We can then provide diamond grade and size options and pricing
  • When we’ve found the right combination of design, gems and budget we can begin the process. A deposit paid and the creation begins.

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