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Custom Jewellery Design

Our skilled team at Fishers Jewellers provide a very special custom jewellery design service. We will work with your dreams to create an incredibly beautiful jewellery piece that really is like no other. Whether we’e starting from scratch to handcraft that one of a kind ring, necklace or bracelet, or adapting existing family jewellery and heirlooms into personalised pieces, we can create bespoke jewellery to thrill your imagination.

Your Step By Step Design Experience

So, you may not know why would you have a ring custom made rather than buying something “off the rack”. There are many individual reasons. Here are a few good reasons:

  • You could look for a lifetime and still not find what you’re looking for. Why wait? We can bring your ideas together to design something to suit your taste and needs. You may not know what exactly you’re looking for. We are very good at listening and learning very quickly what you like.
  • You want your ring to be of a very high quality. When we custom make we realise every item we make carries our reputation. We make our jewellery to last. We will also find for you the best quality diamonds and gemstones to suit your needs and budget.
  • You don’t want to wear the same jewellery as everyone else. We have a never ending design imagination and will come up with unique style options so you can wear with pride a ring custom designed exclusively for you.

The Process

Preliminary Design Consultation

Once we have gotten to know you and what you were wanting to do in the way of your custom design we can start putting some design concepts together! We are here to guide you through this process and open you up to the endless possibilities that can be achieved within a bespoke design!

All design processes and requirements are unique, so this is just an example of how a design process may evolve. To begin we like to discuss your vision, learn what gemstones you’d like incorporated in the design and perhaps put pen to paper creating some very simple concepts and taking note of likes and dislikes. It’s just as important for us to learn what you don’t like as well as what you do like. Sometimes we may get you back in or email you a series of options to narrow down your design choice. If required we may be able to give you an indication of price.

Gem Options & Design Finalisation

Now that we have a design in mind our team will select a variety of appropriate stones for you to view that fit both your design and your budget needs. We offer this as a complimentary service to give you an extremely clear idea of the final outcome of your design with no obligations.

This also means you are involved every step of the way and your final jewellery piece is truly unique to you. If you are still unsure about the shape of the diamond or even the gem stone you would like to design your bespoke piece around, this part of the process can bring you a lot of clarification.

We will provide gem options and take you through the gem grading process, so you can make an informed decision choosing the most beautiful gems to suit you requirements. We’ll provide you with a detailed design. We may offer options in the design to view and confirm upon visualising. Any necessary adjustments in the final design we then undertake. Upon confirmation of the final design we will quote including the diamonds and gemstones you have selected.

The Crafting

Now that you are happy with your design our master jewellers will begin to work on your bespoke piece in our onsite workshop. We employ 3 skilled jewellers with impressive expertise, who are truly passionate about great jewellery. Our jewellers are an integral part of our team and advise on the technicalities of bespoke jewellery design, as well as performing exceptional craftsmanship.

Our jewellers will work alongside with our design team to not only ensure your bespoke piece meets the design expectations you are after but to also ensure the design and crafting process is practical and able to withstand years of love.

We can send you progress images of the construction process by text messaging or email. We don’t usually require you back in during the creation period. We will most likely just contact you upon completion.

Custom Ring Completion - Presentation

When we have completed your new ring we will notify you, inviting you in for a fitting. Alternatively, if you’re requiring delivery we can send you images and/or videos of the finished article and send it to you by insured and tracked courier service.

And that’s it! It’s honestly that simple.

Contact us today to initiate the beginning of an exciting journey of your custom made ring.

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