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About Custom Design

Designer jewellery tells a unique story about the wearer. It has been the foundation of Fishers Jewellers Master Goldsmiths services since establishment.

Our custom design process begins with understanding your requirements. You may have a clear picture of what you want or a vague idea. We like to hear it all. We will ask you about gemstone type, design style and perhaps your budget. Most people think that creating bespoke jewellery comes at a premium. This is not always the case. We can offer a custom solution for any budget size.

We source your chosen gemstone or diamond. With our international connections and vast knowledge, we are well placed to source a diamond or coloured gemstone that is perfect for you. The design stage follows this step as we let the natural beauty of your chosen stone guide the design. We use a combination of new technology including CAD/CAM jewelry design techniques and “old world” handmade jewellery master goldsmithing to create your unique treasure.

Once you have approved your custom jewelry design we fabricate and craft your jewellery onsite in our workshop, where you are welcome to see our gifted jewellers at work.

Fishers Jewellers Custom Design Specialists were one of the pioneers of CAD software in the jewellery trade in New Zealand. We acquired our first jewellery software program over a decade ago, and faced a steep learning curve due to minimal support. We forged forward learning as we went.
Today our NZ jewellery designers are highly skilled operators of multiple jewellery CAD software programs. To be the ultimate CAD jewellery designer takes a rare combination of skills to be successful. The designer needs to be highly knowledgeable and technically minded to operate to computer software, the need to have spent time as a goldsmith to understand the practical side of designs and the manufacturing process, and lastly they need the design eye of an artist. 

Without these three sets of skills, a jewellery CAD designer will not deliver the customer an acceptable standard of designer jewellery. Fortunately at Diamonds Direct our designers have these talents in abundance with enthusiasm to provide the quality of bespoke jewellery our customers have grown used to.For an insight into the CAD design process take a look here.


Whether you just haven’t found the jewellery piece for you yet, or if you have a pre loved piece that you doesn’t reflect you well anymore, our in store designers and jewellers will work with you step by step to design and craft a bespoke item that you love. Our workshop being on site means that you are included every step of the way and you know your beloved jewellery is in hands you can trust. Visit our showroom or book an appointment to discuss your design.

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