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Cliq - A Perfect Fit. Every ring. Every time.

CLIQ – Love Fits

Have you been neglected the ability to wear your rings because of swollen knuckles? CLIQ is an innovative system we can install in your ring so you can once again enjoy wearing them. We can design new rings for you with this hinged band system as well as retro fit to most existing rings. Most suitable as an arthritis ring fit solution.

Rings Are For Fingers, Not Knuckles

Traditional rings have to be large enough to pass over the knuckle. Without CLIQ technology, rings are sized for the largest part of your finger, rather than the base, where it is actually worn. That’s why most rings will twist, turn, and slip off. CLIQ technology eliminates the problem by opening and closing around the base of your finger, in the perfect position.

Technology You Can Trust

We know that every piece of jewellery is valuable. Beyond the price tag, our most prized possessions often have priceless sentimental value. Every detail has been analyzed when designing the CLIQ system, ensuring a technology that you can trust with your most precious jewellery.

Seamless Integration

CLIQ’s hinge and latch design is virtually invisible and snag-free- an exquisite combination of micro-engineering and a jeweler’s design artistry. CLIQ adds the ability to open and close, but won’t sacrifice the smooth look and feel of precious metal and will blend seamlessly into any design.

The Click Of Confidence

You’ll hear it. That comforting “click” that tells you your ring is securely closed. To activate the mechanism, simply press the “dimple” with the precision stylus. CLIQ is designed for ease of use and without snagging your clothing, catching on your hosiery or chipping your nails. Durable enough for everyday use, CLIQ comes with a five-year guarantee.

Talk to us today about a CLIQ ring to suit your needs. 

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