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With impeccably high standards and an unwavering passion to the craft, we’re proud jewellers to generations of New Zealand families. Our jewellery making techniques are influenced by European design and combine the skills of master artisans with a keen eye for diamonds. The end result is jewellery that is made with a level of design and quality that is unsurpassed and unattainable on the high street, yet competitively priced.

We specialise in designing engagement rings, creating competitively priced custom made jewellery, repair/ restoration and re-modelling of your jewellery and helping you find the diamond of your dreams. We are also certified jewellery appraisers and gemologists, and certified diamond graders. 

Our quality stones are hand-picked by owners Johnny Sherry and Patricia Mantovani from around the world. 

We are a family owned and operated company, you are dealing with someone who has a vested interest in your jewellery shopping experience being a positive one. 

New Zealand's Leading Craftsmen Of Fine Jewellery

Whangarei Store

6 Cameron Street

Warkworth Store

12 Queen Street


0800 22 22 81

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