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Wedding Ring Guide

July 2020 | Fishers Jewellers

Here from start to finish

At Fishers we pride ourselves on our wedding band services. We are very aware and understanding of how stressful planning a wedding can be and we want this process to be as painless and as magical as it can for you. This wedding ring guide will help you to select your perfect wedding band and give you some information to kick start the selection process.

Our Guide to Selecting the Perfect Metal

Choosing your metal is a really good place to start when selecting or custom designing a wedding band. This has a big impact on the overall look of the ring. When selecting your metal ask yourself a few questions.

For the ladies:
Do I want my wedding band to be the same metal as my engagement ring or do I want to play around and mix metals. If you are matching the metals be sure to match the carat value as well. For example if your engagement ring is crafted in 18ct yellow gold don’t get a 9ct yellow gold wedder to wear next to it. This is because 9ct gold is harder and will wear down the 18ct gold. This still applies to if you are mixing metals, try to match the hardness of the metal as much as possible.

For the guys:
Do I wear any jewellery already? Do I want to match the colour to my existing collection? Something everyone should consider when selecting the metal for their wedding bands is how hard you are on your hands. If you are working in a profession that is hard on your hands and you will be wearing your rings we always recommend getting a harder wearing metal to get the longest life out of your rings.


Platinum is the finest metal we craft our wedding bands in. It is a stunning silvery-white colour and contains a natural lustre that requires no maintenance or plating. It is the hardest of the metals and we recommend this if you are looking for a white wedding band as it is a lot harder wearing than its alternatives and will require far less maintenance in years to come. It is ideal for every day wear.

9 Carat Gold

  • 9 carat gold is available in 3 variations of colour: White Gold, Yellow Gold & Rose Gold.
  • 9 carat golds are built up of 375/1000 parts pure gold and 625/1000 parts alloys.
  • Because of the high amount of alloys in the gold mix, 9 carat gold is the harder and more affordable option of the fine metals.

18 Carat Gold

  • 18 carat gold is available in 3 variations of colour: White Gold, Yellow Gold & Rose Gold.
  • 18 carat golds are built up of 750/1000 parts pure gold and 250/1000 parts alloys.
  • Because of the higher amount of pure gold in the make up of this metal, the colour is a lot richer and the metal is more sought after and considered finer. It does increase the price.
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