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Tips for safe, smart online jewellery shopping

May 2020 | Fishers Jewellers

Online Jewellery Shopping has never been so popular!

Harper’s Bazaar recently said:
“The way we shop for jewellery is changing. It wasn’t so long ago that retailers and customers alike would scoff at the idea of purchasing fine jewellery online, but now there’s never been more choice or availability. With more and more big-name labels turning to e-commerce, there’s also a whole new breed of website bringing us the brands, trends and pieces that we didn’t know we needed.”

We couldn’t agree more! We absolutely love that we can help customers all over New Zealand (and much further afield) find pieces of jewellery they love online.


The best place to buy jewellery is online

The days of walking from jeweller to jeweller to look at similar displays of necklaces, earrings and bracelets, hoping that you will find the right piece for your unique style are behind us! From custom made engagement rings featuring exceptional gems, handcrafted in store here at Fishers Jewellers – to a huge range of contemporary fine jewellery brands, it has never been easier find the jewellery you want online.



Six smart tips for online jewellery shopping – without leaving the comfort of your home:

  1. Shop with a jewellery store that has history and a good reputation.
  2. Look for online jewellery stores who stock jewellery designers you recognise.
  3. Any online jewellery store that also has a physical store is more likely to be legitimate.
  4. Jewellers who design their own jewellery will understand the craftsmanship behind the jewellery they sell online and are likely to have higher standards for workmanship.
  5. Secure payment is a must. If you don’t recognise the payment method offered (ie Payment Express, Paypal etc), don’t proceed.
  6. Most of all, they must sell beautiful jewellery so you can buy pieces that you really love!



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