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Remodelling jewellery

August 2020 | Fishers Jewellers

Remodel your jewellery into a stunning new design to give it a new lease on life!

Many of us have a piece of jewellery that holds huge sentimental value but is maybe old fashioned and so never gets worn. We can create a beautiful piece of modern jewellery using your gemstones, your metal or both.

Often couples who are planning a wedding would like to use nana’s ring – but the design isn’t quite right for you. This is where we can restyle the ring into something beautiful and new that still incorporates your family history in the jewels.

Our craftsmen jewellers specialise in traditional methods of remodeling your old or unworn jewellery, turning it into a stunning personalised jewellery piece that you can wear and enjoy. We can work to your jewellery design – or we can come up with a range of designs for you to choose from.

Contact us to book an appointment, and we can ‘upcycle’ your jewellery into a stunning contemporary piece.


Want to know more? You can email us on or call to make an appointment by calling 0800 22 22 81 – or just pop in to either of our showroom jewellery stores at 6 Cameron Street, Whangarei, or 70 Kerikeri Road, Kerikeri!

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