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Jewellery Buying Guide For Men

September 2020 | Fishers Jewellers

Let’s face it.

The idea of finding a perfect piece of jewellery for a woman can often be a daunting prospect. There’s rings, earrings, necklaces, pedants, charms and the list just keeps going. Where do you begin?

When the average kiwi bloke walks into a jewellery store to look for a special gift, he tends to be a little out of his depth. One guy told us “As soon as people started talking in karats and sizes I was completely and utterly lost! I wasn’t sure what 9 karat meant, I thought I was at a jewellery store, not a farmers market.”

We are here to simplify the terms, so you know what you’re paying for and what you’re getting.

And, we’ve got good news for you – you’ve already begun! You spend time with these women, you know what makes them smile, what makes them laugh, and what makes them cry. You know who they are, whether they are your partner, your mother or your sister – and that has you on the right path to finding that perfect gift!

We walk into a jewellery shop, and instantly, all around us, are cabinets, walls and windows full of jewellery. Everything you could possibly imagine, and even a lot you couldn’t imagine! We hope that this guide will get you walking confidently into our jewellery store, with an idea of what jewellery your woman will love.

What kind of jewellery style does your lady have?

Most women have a preference when it comes to what jewellery they wear. Pay attention to what they already wear. Is it gold, rose gold? Maybe they prefer to wear silver. If you find a common ground with the jewellery they already have on, you know where to begin your search.

Does she like to wear certain coloured stones? Maybe she wears big, bold, chunky jewellery, or a smaller, more elegant style.

Do her necklaces tend to sit up high on the chest, or hang lower down? Pay attention to the length of the chain and the size of the pendants.

By simply paying attention to the clues around you, you can begin to piece together what it is you need to be looking for. Armed with this information, the extremely helpful team in the Fishers Jewellery store will be able to place the perfect piece of jewellery in your hands – that your special woman in your life will absolutely love!


White Gold, Yellow Gold & Rose Gold

All three golds are still gold. The colours of the gold are achieved by changing the ratio of the alloy. For rose gold, a larger percentage of copper is used as opposed to silver, to bring out the pinkish colour. White gold, on the other hand, has nickel added to give it the white appearance.

So as with yellow gold, the karat system still applies to rose gold and white gold, and you’re still buying real gold.


Gold Plated vs. Solid Gold

When an item of jewellery is referred to as ‘Gold Plated’ this means that it is created using either silver, or a base metal, with only a coat of gold placed on. This makes the items more affordable, and lighter to wear.

A solid gold item is gold through and through. What you see is what you get.


How to guess the right ring size

Well done, you’ve gathered your clues, you’ve walked in and you’ve found the perfect ring! Then you’re asked “do you know what size she is?” It’s not the end of the world if you don’t know what ring size she wears, but it sure does make it all the more special if she can put it on as soon as she receives it.

You have a couple of options to find the size. A great point of call is the best friend. There’s a good chance they’ve tried on each others rings and have a fair idea of what size they are.

Your other option, which is more accurate, is to bring a ring in that you know already fits. We can get the size of that ring and make sure the one you’re taking home is the same size. If all else fails, take an educated guess and bring her in the next day and we can resize it for you, for that perfect fit!


Jewellery and the purchasing of it is something that can never be fully explained. Everyone has their own taste, everyone has their own style and preferences. At the end of the day, all you can do is your best. Make the effort and take the time to pick out something special and I guarantee it will be appreciated.

Hopefully after reading this you feel more confident in choosing a gift special enough for those special women in your lives. If you’ve got any questions at all feel free to contact our team in the showroom for advice.

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