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Doug & Suzie, A Love Story

January 2020 | Fishers Jewellers

Doug & Suzie, A Love Story: At Rimu Park in Whangarei, residents, Suzie and Doug announced their engagement and, wasting no time, have set the date to tie the knot in December.  They have only known each other a short time but it really was love at first sight for the couple. Suzie has been at Radius Rimu Park for a few years and always kept very much to herself, preferring to eat in her room rather than join other residents.  Doug only came to the rest home a few months ago but the couple seemed to make a deep connection very quickly and he has been one of the few to be able to bring Suzie out of her shell and she really is so happy now.  In fact, they are both deliriously happy and are adamant they want to marry.
Unfortunately, the couple has next to no money or assets and while Radius is putting on the wedding etc, the couple really wanted a ring – just a simple gold band for Suzie would do the trick. As BIG believers in the traditional wedding band, Fishers decided to donate the gold bands for the couple so they could have the wedding bands their hearts desired.

“No Longer Existing, Now Living”

When we heard of the love story taking place in our beautiful city, we knew we had to do what we could to celebrate this love. Watch the process here:




“I Was Waiting For A Gentleman Like You”

To make the process as efficient as possible for our beautiful love birds, we had the jewellers start crafting their rings as shown in the videos above. Once we had them melted & ready to finish, Neville Walker, the owner of Fishers had the honour of meeting Doug & Suzie and sized their fingers.

Fitted By The Best In The Business

Neville Walker has over 60 years jewellery experience, nothing but the best for Doug & Suzie! The happy couple will receive 2 beautiful handcrafted yellow gold wedding bands, a luxury they didn’t think they would be able to acquire. We wish them all the best for their wedding day. We will share more images when we get them!

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